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catalytic converter

  1. test pipe cat delete

    Eclipse Performance
    Hi Guys! I'm making this to get a second opinion on what I'm doing on my exhaust. It's a 2003 Eclipse GTS with the 3.0 Currently, I'm running stock headers&downpipe, stock cat, but with a resonator delete, 2 chamber streetflow muffler and a custom tip. I'm cutting out the cat since it only...
  2. pre cat headache

    Problem Reports
    i have managed to remove the front pre cat and the main under cat have purchased and will replace with direct fits tomorrow,... was not aware of the 3rd passenger upper pre cat and will need to wait to purchase til after the weekend, cannot afford to not have a car the next few days..... IS IT...
  3. p0241 what to buy premade foulers online

    Problem Reports
    So I have been searching the forum to find out about the code. No answer has been clear enough to decide which route I should take. I am not interested in changing the cat atm. I just need the code off to pass emissions. Help would be greatly appreciated Here is what I know and am unclear...
  4. Idle Issues

    Problem Reports
    I am new to the forum and I have searched but can't find anything quite like this. 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L 5 Speed 210,000 Miles New Exhaust manifold installed yesterday by a shop New plugs, wires, oil has been changed. New Short ram intake installed. (No vacuum leaks, it's been...
  5. Catalytic Converter going bad, which option should I choose?

    New Members Forum
    Hey Guys, Been in the community for a while but been gone for just shy of a decade. Hoping someone could bring some things to light for me. I've got a 2000 Eclipse GT, and I've been dealing with the SES light and Code P0421 Warm Up Catalyst efficiency below threshold for a while now. I know...
  6. Catalytic Converter Issues

    New Members Forum
    Hey all ive been swapping out my catalytic converter after it went out on me, decided to do the whole pipe on it since the old one was rusted so badly, so i went ahead and ordered one from Here lies the problem i purchased one for a cali emission spec eclipse :facepalm: and of...
  7. Aftermarket exhaust

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I have an '01 Spyder GT 5-Speed. I'm looking to put a bit of work into it: new paint, cold air intake, new rims, new lights, possibly underglow, and, most importantly, new exhaust. I would really like to put true dual exhaust on it simply because few have it and I want the little bump in...
  8. 02 Sensor- Where to buy?

    Problem Reports
    Hey everyone! Whats up? I havent been on in a while, my SES light came on last week, so i ran up to autozone and used their OBD2, I pulled an upstream 02 sensor error, so Im assuming that means a bad 02 sensor on the cat, the guy who was "helping me" wasnt very bright, he couldnt even find the...
  9. 2002 Eclipse GS Catalytic Converter?

    Problem Reports
    My SES light came on about 3 weeks ago, took it to get the diagnostics ran on it and voila, catalytic converter is going bad. I've looked online at the cats but some say the placement is "rear" and some say nothing at all. Does this mean I have two separate cats or what? If so, how do I figure...
  10. will putting a cat on my exhaust piping affect my SDS?

    right now theres no cats, I was thining a cat would make the loud ricer exhaust sound be less, not to mention I might pass emissions.. will it hurt my SDS setup?
  11. does a high flow cat hurt SDS? (also an 02 question)

    when i had my turbo kit on I was running 2 front o2 sensors and 2 sims and no cats.. franchises faq say not to use sims for SDS.. I have extra o2 sensors that I can install but where exactly do they go? just anywhere in the straight pipe where the headers meet? and will it hurt the SDS if I...