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  1. New Member Introductions
    I recently purchased a 2005 2.4l and was looking to upgrade the exhaust on it. What is the best way to go about it? Buy the exhaust system first or buy headers first? And which header/exhaust combo is the best?
  2. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Ok so i have an 02 gs, im running a cat back exhaust and will be installing headers soon, however there a massive exauhst leak coming from the down pipe or front pipe (not sure what its called) because the previous owner cut it and used exhaust clamps in 3 different places for whatever reason...
  3. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Unfortunately my 2001 Eclipse GS got totaled and I'm parting out what I was able to save. Starting price at $250 willing to ship located in Des Moines, IA for local pickup if interested. The car got rear ended so the exhaust tip is slightly bent however overall fitment was still great when I...
  4. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Hey. First post in wanted/for sale section. I bought headers that wouldn't fit with the catalytic converter in the original position so now i need to put it towards the back :mecry2: so i figured i might as well upgrade the whole exhaust. I've been looking and all magnaflow exhaust systems are...
  5. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I have a 2001 gt an I used to run it straight pipe. All 3 cats off but I got tired of the hassle of taking it off an on for smog. I live in ca. I had a diff route I'm taking now to save the ca strict emissions. Could I run the two precats with the center/main cat off with a greddy evo 2 full...
  6. GT/GTS
    hey whats up everyone, Quick Question, I know that it's been said that the 2G GS-t Exhaust Fits on the 3G so with that statement in Mind Can the Greddy Evo 2 For a GS-t Fit on th 3G (maybe just Modify the hangers), i need some real input on this because the greddy evo2 for the gs-t is full 3...
1-6 of 10 Results