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  1. New member looking for a 3g around Chicago

    New Members Forum
    Not really sure how active this site is, so I'm going to post here as well. I'm looking for a 3g under $2,000. I've seen a couple at dealers, but would much rather give cash to an owner than dealer. Mileage on the car won't be a problem, as long as it has been given proper maintenance. I'm...
  2. Looking to buy a 3g around Chicago.

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Pretty much looking for a decent car. Looking for anything below $1,800. Pretty handy with cars just came up on this forum, was looking at dealers but rather do an owner to owner sale.
  3. Where my chicago 3g Riders at

    Great Lakes
    I need to know where yall at i feel like im the only one up here...i know i see a whole bunch of eclipse on the 95 eway..let me know what's up get something going here
  4. FS: Blue AEM Short Ram Intake V4 and Black Stock GT Spoiler

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my brand new AEM short ram intake for the 4 cylinder / 2.4 L Eclipses. I tried to install it on my car but it would not fit. I finally looked at the manual and it turns out I ordered the one for 4 cylinders when my Eclipse is a 6. I ordered the right one for my car and never...