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  1. FS: 3G Parts- Cluster, Fake Vents, etc.

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a few parts for sale and I will be adding a lot more to this list so check back often! All parts are located in Portland, ME Pics can be seen here: All prices are OBO, so please MAKE SOME OFFERS!!! I need...
  2. Gauge Cluster Issues

    Problem Reports
    Hey all. Got a problem with my 2000 eclipse. I just bought it off a guy knowing the issue and hoping I could fix it. So here's the issue. It was an aftermarket gauge cluster in it for a 2001 eclipse. Im not sure if the problem is as simple as wrong year but the only thing currently working on...
  3. Gauge Cluster burn marks

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I just bought new LED bulbs for my Speedo, Tach, fuel, and temp gauges. I disconnected the Battery and installed everything, then put it back in and reconnected the battery. I turned the new lights on and the dash lights stayed on for about 3 seconds and went out, i smelled an electrical burn...
  4. Speedo/Trip Gauge Wont Light Up

    Problem Reports
    I just got my car back from the body shop due to a front end accident. When I got it back the Speedo/Trip gauge cluster wont light up at all when you turn the headlights on. I am totally puzzled as to what the problem is. I check all relative fuses and they are fine. I even replaced them just to...
  5. Clear/colored gauge cluster backing??

    Show and Shine
    Hey there, so I was looking around online bored and i found these clear but colored film backing for the cluster (ya know the white part) and I looked on here for a good half hour with different keywords to see if it has been done before... anyways heres the site its called 2000 - 2005...
  6. Instrument cluster LED Conversion Issue

    Show and Shine
    Hey guys, I started to get done a complete LED conversion of my interior lights but came across an issue with the gauge cluster 194 bulbs. Apparently after swapping the stock bulbs with the LED's, the 194's bulbs spots doesn't visibly shine when looking at the front face of the cluster. But if...