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  1. Fuel trims, Crank and Camshaft malfunction?

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    My car has had issues with rough idle and acceleration hesitation in the past. the only codes I was throwing before was P0300 & P0400 So I replaced the: TPS, entire Distributor, spark plugs and wires, crank position sensor, IAC, EGR and manifold (there was a crack in the side) No more random...
  2. Erratic Idle & String of Codes - '03 GTS

    Problem Reports
    !NOTICE BEFORE YOU REPLY! This post is now irrelevant to me. My car has been involved in an accident and is soon to be fully repaired by the good ol' Insurance Company. So there is no need to reply unless you're seeking answers about this same problem yourself. If the mechanic tells me anything...
  3. I need A LOT of help.

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    Coupe 2001 eclipse GT 189,000 miles Automatic Transition, but can be driven "slap shift" I just purchased a 2001 eclipse GT since I needed a car pretty bad and took it to Autozone and now I've got a lot of codes and no clue what they mean. I have P0172 and P0175 saying that all of my cylinders...
  4. Service Engine Soon Light just came on

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    2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Manual V6 113333 Miles Well, now somethings wrong with my car again. The Service Engine light came on and I brought it to an Auto Zone who said the P0300 code was thrown. Now the device said 2 codes were present but he just said they were combined into the P0300...
  5. P431, P175, P172

    I don't get many replies over at RIPPs forums so I thought I would try it out here. I have had massive problems with this whole SDS thing and I ran into another one. I am throwing P431 almost daily, and almost every other day I am throwing P175 and P172. For thos who don't know what these...