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cold air

  1. FS V6 Injen Cold Air Intake & Filter (Missing Part)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    UPDATE ONLY INJEN CONE FILTER LEFT $20 Hey guys I am selling a used Injen Air Filter. Take a look at my pics and send me an offer. The filter needs a cleaning, but is in overall great condition. If you need to see better resolution pics heres a link...
  2. fun custom intake idea

    right now got a short ram AEM cold air intake. a while back i cut the louvers underneath the turn signals out. plan on boxing that off on both sides and sending the pipes to the filter and boxing the filter in. potentially, this could create unlimited boost gains, considering that by doing so...
  3. Turbo/Artic air¿

    Im just curious if anyone has driven in temps like 10ºF or below and what effect if any does it have on your turbos.