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  1. Problem Reports
    For some reason I have searched all over the inter webs & can not find the location for the receiver drier & the expansion valve. I've been told the drier is behind the passenger headlight & the expansion valve is on the firewal. Can anyone confirm with pictures or a diagram please.
  2. New Member Introductions
    If the RPM's drop once the A/C is turned on, does that mean the compressor clutch is engaging?
  3. New Member Introductions
    I asked this in problem reports, and don't seem to have much traction but was wondering what the pinouts are for the compressor when it is a 3 pin compressor. Mostly which pin I need to apply power to to check the magnetic clutch. I'd also like, if possible, the work needed to rewire a 4 pin...
  4. Problem Reports
    I know the FSM says to roll under the car and energize the pin the compressor uses to the battery, to test the compressor, but can I also jump pins 4 and 5 of the A/C relay to see if it works as a shortcut, or is there another way? I have searched, and nothing comes up easily in the 10 or so...
  5. Problem Reports
    Turned on the A/C on my 2001 Spyder GS and it blows hot air. Popped the hood and see that the compressor clutch is not engaged. Shorted clutch connector to battery and it engages. Removed the clutch relay, shorted to battery from there and the clutch engaged so the wire is good. Cranked up...
  6. GT/GTS
    I've already gone about my power adders decision with everybodys help but I saw this and I wanted to know if it would work. Would a VF39 turbocharger (stock STI turbo) be big enough for the 6G72. I found someone selling one in my area the guy is also willing to include a 2" up pipe and a 3"...
  7. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    before i go buying. does anybody know FOR SURE if an AC compressor from a GS will fit on a GT?
1-7 of 8 Results