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  1. Problem Reports
    At least that is what I think is going on. I had a speed sensor go out and replaced. Actually 2 were replaced and now the computer is having trouble. After replacing two speed sensors I was told to drive it and the computer would work out the shifts and everything (it's a 03 Eclipse 2.4L with an...
  2. Problem Reports
    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS w/manual trans 126,000 miles About a month ago my battery grounded out on my hood and my wiring harness cooked. I replaced the wiring harness with a used one out of the same year and same model car from the engine all the way to the computer mounted behind the dash...
  3. Car Audio and Electronics
    Purchased a cpm computer for my dodge from here: Dodge PCM ECM ECU | Auto Computer Repair and was wondering if I can install it myself. If so, how? Thanks!
  4. General Classifieds
    Cleaning out the closet again. All items below INCLUDE shipping with tracking confirmation. Payments made via PAYPAL only. This thread will be updated as more closet items become available. Thank you. ALL ITEMS SOLD
  5. Problem Reports
    I recently have been taking parts of the interior apart to trace down and fix a short (plus some cleaning never hurt anyone). I have the passenger seat/amp/glove box removed. Radio also came out temporarily. I did remove the battery to work on the radio and under the dash. Could this have...
  6. Problem Reports
    I have had my car for about 3 weeks now, its a 2001 Eclipse GT, and its had an engine light on it since i bought it. The car ran fine and accelerated good and was dependable so i bought it. I've taken my car to autozone 2 times to get the code read and their obd ii reader wouldn't power up so i...
1-6 of 6 Results