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    Hey guys i joined these forums a while agoe but i never really had time to post/socialize, i bought my car about a year ago for my 18th birthday now turning 19 in a couple of days and i finally had time to upload some pictures from my phone. (not that great) You can tell me what you think of my...
  2. any opinions on this wheel?

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    I want to get these wheels, but i figured i'd see what you guys think first. I'm going to be getting them installed and the car dropped at the same time. They'll be 16 inches. any opinions? <a href=""...

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    last tuesday night i purchased a garret turbo and intercooler from a wrx and i intend on setting it up on the 01 eclipse. it will be a sleeper set up. The spare tire well will be cut off and put a flat piece of sheet metal over it and inder that the turbo charger will sit. the air will be...