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  1. Maintenance
    I need to replace my radiator and all the hoses for it in my 2000 eclipse rs because whoever owned it before me put the wrong one in and now the car is overheating, I've never done this before. Any tips?
  2. Problem Reports
    Hi, I have two little problems, but maybe someone has an idea: After an accident many parts were replaced. My first problem: Now the fans run permanently on the highest level. Already when the ignition is switched on, they turn up immediately. The following parts were replaced / renewed...
  3. Problem Reports
    I was looking around the boards (and other places) trying to figure out why my heater wasn't working. The most likely culprit seemed to be that I needed a radiator flush - or at least that seemed like the easiest thing to do. So I did that. I emptied the system and ran about 2 gallons of...
  4. Problem Reports
    So I have this problem with my '01 Eclipse Spyder GS. After 5 minutes or so of driving and oil starts to warm up, Temp. Gauge starts reaching 3/4's on the dash. It's stays there when moving above 30 mph but doesn't come close to reaching the H for overheating. Then when i start to slow down and...
  5. Problem Reports
    Hello, first off... I have a 2000 Eclipse gt with 114,xxx miles. This morning I was in a drive thru just at idle, and my temp. gauge spiked into the red. I went home and checked all fluids and what not and everything was fine. The fans for the radiator are not kicking on, so I replaced the...
  6. Problem Reports
    Okay - So I drive an '03 GTS with about 70,000 miles on it - about a week ago I noticed my car making weird vibrations while idling and my temperature gauge would go up. Now when I would begin to move my gauge would fall back into normal range but then would go back up when the engine would...
1-6 of 6 Results