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  1. No start after core change

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    I bought a 2003 Spyder GS (2.4L 4 cylinder) and it was running just fine, however the heat didn't work on the drivers side. I went down to the heater core, changed it, put it all back together. when I went to start, it would crank but not do the final turnover. Why is this so? It started great...
  2. No crank blowing ignition fuse when attempting crank

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    I've searched the forum for a few days and not necessarily finding a clear solution. With that said, I have a 2003 gs manual with 167,xxx on it. The issue I am having is a no crank issue. I will turn the key and if I hold the key turned for more than roughly 5 seconds, the ignition fuse will...
  3. Car won't crank or start at all.

    Problem Reports
    2004 Eclipse 3.0 GT Automatic 126k miles Hey, so recently my car just turned off in the middle of the highway. So I had multiple mechanics diagnose the problem. One said that it was the fuel pump because when I turned the key the car would crank but you couldn't hear the fuel pump motor. So I...
  4. Buzz sound on crank before anything else?

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    I am getting a buzz/whining sound when I turn the key to start, lasts a few seconds, then the engine cranks. Its not loud, but its not quiet either. 2001 eclipse GT. Etacs is out I believe, but seems unrelated. Any ideas?
  5. Car Wont Start

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    I swapped the 3.5 into my car and I had a buddy helping me, I guess when he went to bolt the Crank Pulley on he didn't align the roll pin and smashed it when he impacted it on and forgot to mention it to me. :rant: So my car broke down seems like the timing jumped a little so I decided to just...
  6. No crank No start

    Problem Reports
    2003 GS 2.4L 108,000 miles My wife’s car has had this issue for the last couple weeks, and just recently became undriveable. -When turning the ignition key: first try – click, second try – click, third try – crank then start -Occasionally it started on the first try, but sometimes it took as...
  7. Confused and frustrated!

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    I have a 01 gt manual with cai and exhaust and 93k miles. I had just had the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, ecu, immobilizer, clutch, and shifting cables replaced. In the morning when it's cold, i'll let the car warm up for about 2 minutes then drive off to work. The rpm's start jumping and...