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  1. nearly done with dream kicker system 05 Eclipse GT

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    this is the one.... holy shit.... listen before youtube removes it.... speaking of LOUD total cost right under a G.....but ive had alot of the pieces for 12 years, all i did this month was finish it the right way (total build cost if bought brand new $1400) first time in my life i get to...
  2. New to Club3G

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    Hey all I'm Jamie and I'm new here. I got referred here since I'm on aka tgc. I love all cars especially Mitsubishis. The 3Gs are great and practically same as the 8g Galant. I hope to see all different rides and maybe even get some ideas for my own. Thanks for reading this
  3. FS: SC-Customs/HIJACKER's Promo Car (Oct 2006 COTM)

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    I'm selling the SC-Customs Supercharged Promotional Vehicle. This vehicle has 28,600 original miles, has never seen a drop of rain or any inclimate weather, and has been parked in a climate controlled environment. This vehicle is a total 1 off product and is completely custom. Professionally...