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  1. GT/GTS
    I have been looking around to find a turbo kit for my gt. I want to ask those of you who are running turbo on your 3.0 gt, especially the ones with the DDP turbo kit, how fitment was. I heard the fitment for the DDP was crappy, I even PM another member about his kit. So let me know the...
  2. GT/GTS
    got the ddp kit need to know where to hook up the water line-- the directions they sent me are not good enough
  3. GT/GTS
    ddp kit-who has one? Pics of mine! I searched and searched and I can't find anyone with this kit or see pics of it. (other then the pics on ddp's site). I hear people bashing it but they never claimed of having it. I want to know whats wrong with it (other then pipes) Who has one!
  4. GT/GTS
    Ive been looking for a rippmods kit, but i miss my turbo so bad (95 tsi awd talon) that i think im gunna go turbo charged instead! I saw this kit at the website, and it is inexpensive. even with the fmic (which i want) it was only $3500 which is still a lot of money, but decent considering what...
  5. GT/GTS
    i was wondering who all has a V6 ddp kit and how its diong for them.
1-5 of 5 Results