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  1. Beeps, starts, dies. NEED HELP!!

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    Hi everyone. Long time viewer, first time poster here. My 2001 Eclipse GT is in a bad way and I really need your help. The car has 73K on it, I am a weekend DIY enthusiast and totally stumped. The Problem: I put the key in ignition, turn to accessory, and the car does double beeps a few...
  2. Low Idle/Car Shuts Off While Braking

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    Before you tell me to "go search," I promise you I have searched and did not find a post like mine. Model: Eclipse GT Year: 2002 Tranny: Manual A little background: I have an injen intake (metal tubing) and while disconnecting the positive terminal to the battery, the ratchet made contact with...
  3. shifting 4 hard and dies help?

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    My car 2000 eclipse gt auto 140k miles Here is a discription of the problem. My engine light is always on. code P0420 nothing really. Yesterday my speedometer wont work. I check the light. P0500 Vehical speed sensor. So i call a budy up that has a whole 2ed motor and tranny thats good and says...
  4. need some advice, problems after 02 replace

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    Hey all, yesterday i replaced the bank 2 sensor 2 o2 and when i was done the car fired right up. i drove it off the ramps, parked it, and cleaned up shop before i went to pull it back in. This time when i started it, it promptly died. Im at a loss guys all i did was replace an o2. nothing else...
  5. Car dies @ 2-3 WOT shift and intermittently @ constant throttle

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    Car/Problem Details: Y/M/M: 2001 Dodge Stratus 2.4L SOHC 4G64 Automatic Miles: ~128,000 Relevant Mods: Short Ram intake, Dynomax Exhaust Codes: Crankshaft Position Sensor Malfunction, Random Cylinder 2 Misfire, Random Multiple Cylinder Misfire, EVAP Emissions Leak (GROSS) (Warning, story below...
  6. Elecrical Problem, PLEASE HELP

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    Ok so heres the deal. Since it got cold its gotton worse. When i am sitting at a red light i go and put it in 1st to take off and my rpms go up then go downand it seems like my car almost stalls but it doesnt. The headlights, head unit, subs, guages, and all other electrical componenets seem to...
  7. Accessory driveline problem? or just something else?

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    So I was driving back to work from lunch today. I go to turn left going about 40 in 3rd, push the clutch in and put her in neutral(as to not ride the clutch), then began applying the brakes. Boom, all of a sudden my car dies, right while I'm turning!! I started it back up in the parking lot...