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  1. LSD

    New Member Introductions
    Can anyone tell me if an lsd would be a big difference on my car, or how it would be.
  2. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    i am going to change my fluids this weekend. the guy that had the car before me probably never did. Any suggestions on what type of gear oil to but for the Trans and what kind to buy for the differential? also anyone have pics of the diff for a better idea of what i am doing? any help is...
  3. GT/GTS
    I'm in the process of bolting on a turbo and my clutch has just started slipping. I really wanted to drive the car for about a grand before changing the clutch but luck hasn't really been my defining characteristic throughout life. For those of you who are turboed if you would please post what...
1-3 of 3 Results