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  1. WTB: Drivers side fender and drivers side door exterior panel, both A68 Silver

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Our nanny side swiped my car today and I don't have the heart to go through her insurance to repair. The car was basically perfect but I can't justify spending the $ to professionally fix so hoping you guys might have parts to help. Basically need the exterior door panel and a fender, in...
  2. Passenger side door replacement

    Show and Shine
    I have a '00 and the passenger side door needs replaced due to some jackasses breaking in through that window and not caring about denting the door as well. (how inconsiderate right?) I'm just needing to know if all 3g doors are interchangeable through the years?
  3. Driver door does not lock

    New Members Forum
    Hello, I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. I know almost nothing about cars, but I'm willing to learn! (Excuse me for not knowing correct terminology..) My driver side door lock will not lock. The lock button inside will not lock it. I can't turn the key left on the door, it feels jammed. I...
  4. FS: OEM amp, headlight housings, & passenger door

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: OEM Bits and Other Goodies ***NEW STUFF*** As the title said black headlight housings, and a passenger-side door. I'd prefer pickup, (here in Bremerton, Washington) but everything needs to go. -The headlight housings have light surface scratches, etc. that are to be expected from 12+...
  5. Vertical door debate.

    Show and Shine
    I have some lambo doors instaled on my car and I'm looking into buying 90degree door kit so they go further. If anyone has these instaled or have had them instaled befor let me know what is best. I'm open for discussion but I'm dead set on a door kit, like I said I have one instaled and I'm fine...
  6. List of Compatible Door Handles

    New Members Forum
    So maybe I just suck at searching, but I was wondering if anyone knows all the exterior door handles that can be used to replace the oem ones? I know you can use galant ones from sethpatch's post
  7. Mildew Smell After Rain

    Problem Reports
    I hunted around a bit and found many discussions of this, but no clear solutions. My 2001 Spyder has a stinky moldy smell after it rains. This is primarily noticeable when you roll the windows down. Sniffing around carefully, it's pretty obvious that the smell is coming from the passenger door...
  8. LED tips and innovative ideas!!

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hello! New to the club but I've been browsing the site since I just recently got (and fell in love with) my eclipse. But yeah, I recently started reading up on LEDs and simple electronics so I could ad some cool lighting effects to my girl. Thus far it's only been the basics, under the dash in...
  9. Door Panels

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Will 2001 door panels fit on a 2000? I'm looking to purchase a passenger side door panel because mine is falling apart. I think the sun got to it. But the one I'm looking to buy is off of a 2001 and I have a 2000. Will it fit?
  10. Fake Vents & help painting alloy fuel door

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    I search and searched but couldn't find any info on painting an alloy fuel door. I really need detailed instructions as I never painted aluminum or anything close to it. :dunno: Also, if anyone can tell me where I can buy fake vents and cool options for them. Thanks :eek3: