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  1. Custom Intake Pipe... Advice

    Alright to finish off my engine build, etc... I have to get a new upper intake pipe. It has to run from the Supercharger to the Throttlebody. I was looking to make it a "L" bend tube or 90 degree tube. About 6"x17", with a O.D. of 3". Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum. The slight hitch I'm running into...
  2. injen cai + tuners package = cai sds suck through

    i'm sure there's going to be some negative feedback how i peiced and cut the piping to ni.....wait..... "afro engineer" my injen cai system and the sds piping. but i works, and quite well at that. I asked earlier before i purchased the kit if it could be done and nobody seemed to know. now i...