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  1. Lowering my car soon, not so knowledgable though

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    What do y'all recommend in order to lower my car? it is fully stock for now. I have encountered some posts recommending KYB AGX shocks and struts and others recommending Tein S. Tech lowering springs. I am not looking to spend too much. Also, would y'all recommend upgrading to 18 inch tires/rims...
  2. Quick Question about AC Compressors

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    If the RPM's drop once the A/C is turned on, does that mean the compressor clutch is engaging?
  3. any opinions on this wheel?

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    I want to get these wheels, but i figured i'd see what you guys think first. I'm going to be getting them installed and the car dropped at the same time. They'll be 16 inches. any opinions? <a href=""...