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  1. Dual halo single or dual beam

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    I just ordered the dual halo projector headlights and want to buy an hid kit for it. I found the kit I want to buy but it comes in single beam or dual beam both normal or 55watt. Which would look best with my new headlights. Here's a link to the dual halos I got. 2000-2005 Eclispe Dual Halo...
  2. Anyone interested in headlights??

    Hey if anyone is interested in headlights with HID combo theres a guy selling on ebay for $175 + $30 shipping. They have Sonar, Dual Halo, and I think the anzo. Its your choice of temp. I got mine last week and after raining all week i see no fog. Just wanted to let you all know about this.
  3. Halo Idea

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    Firstly, my apologies Sam, you have such strict rules about where to post thrown all over the place, that yes on my very first one I got it wrong. I'm sure you'll find the decency in you to forgive me... I know there are a lot of threads discussing how dim halos on projector headlights are, and...