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  1. Dyno Tuning

    Hey guys, I searched and the only information on where to get a dyno tune was five years old. I have an 05 GTS with a CAI, CMF V2 headers straightpiped into an Invidia N1 Exhaust. I JUST did the spark plugs/wires as well and was wondering if it'd be worth the price to get it dyno tuned. Are...
  2. Dyno fail, or should i say failed to dyno??

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    hey guys, i went to a local car show today in florida for the free dyno pulls..... How embarrassing! my car wouldnt run the dyno, it would get up to about 2500 rpm and the tcl light (traction control and abs) would just dump off.. the dyno guy had never seen anything like it, he kept...
  3. DuctTapeProdigy's Turbo Build

    As I showed in the "check in" thread, here's a pic of my engine bay. I've since moved the support bracket for the intercooler to the head light frame, and trimmed the radiator fan shroud for clearance concerns. I wanted to go air to water to keep the car sneaky. I live in CA and emissions is...
  4. Dyno Numbers for my Nitroused GT

    I dynoed my car for a Dyno Day at a local shop. I threw in my 100 shot jets, and made some pretty good numbers. 262 Horsepower 304 lb-ft of Torque My Setup: -AEM Short Ram Intake -Proflow Bored Throttle Body -Diamante Intake Manifold -Ripp Long Tube Headers -CATCO Catalytic Convertor -HKS...
  5. DYNO, stage 2 sds with emanageand meth injection good and bad at the same time

    well I went to the dyno yesterday and even though the results weren't great it looks very promising I hit 280hp and 235tq. I am still alittle lean up top on this one but not so bad as in the one before on that run we pinched the fuel...
  6. Forced Induction Dyno Analysis

    These cars were on the dyno and ran them for hours until they were optimally tuned. This dyno sheet shows that the Vortech does not hit max boost a certain RPM like the turbo kit does depicted in this dyno. The gain is linear. Both cars are running e-manage, controlling A/F, Injector pulse width...
  7. Stage 1 dyno- 2gStratus

    My car is an 02 stratus with the 6g72 and an automatic trans. I just recently I got my car on the dyno after I passed the break in period. Mods are: Stage 1 sds Ripp Headers Ripp Bov Ripp Gray box with 05 tune. 2.5 custom catback with flowmaster muffler. Diamante intake manifold RC...
  8. Stage 1 SDS, not feeling much HP on butt dyno.

    I still haven't put the stage 2 pulley on because RIPP hasn't replaced the methanol pump that broke yet. Anyways, I guess I was expecting to feel the hand of god pushing me back into my seat every time I got on the gas after I put this supercharger on. But to really doesn't feel much...
  9. Finaly got the car on a dyno

    Had a kick ass meet with the G35 club down at s livermore shop.. Def a good shop.. I rec them to any and everyone.. Look for the huge thumbs up in the good guys sections.. Ok so I have the SDS stage 1 kit.. The org ver 1 everything along with Hytech racing headers,hi flow cat with...