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  1. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hey guys, I'm new so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I've been looking all over for the XML for my vehicle and can't seem to find it anywhere. If anyone has one, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could send it to me. I'm trying to switch out my 501 MAF with a 482 MAF and need the...
  2. Problem Reports
    I own a 2000 eclipse gs. Ive been on and off working on alot of stuff but im finally ready to get it running. But it wont start. Ive done everything i can, it all leads to the immobilizer not registering my key to start the car. Does anyone know a bypass or something to reset the system? My...
  3. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to get a header Cali spec, I'm located in south NJ and will pick up for a good price. Let me see whatcha got
  4. New Members Forum
    I have a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse spyder GS automatic 2.4L 4cyl, the vehicle turns over but doesn't idle on it's own i have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it running as soon as i let off it stalls, RPM's go to 0 and no pressure on the gas pedal. It worked for a bit but the idle...
  5. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for custom parts for the outside and inside, or after market for the engine for a 03 eclipse gs. such as (side skirts, spoiler,front lip, etc..) and for the engine (intake, headers, etc..)
  6. Problem Reports
    I recently bought an 03 Eclipse Spyder that had some front end damage. I am having a lot of trouble with some wiring issues. My radio does not work (Fuses for everything have been changed and are fine), my cigarette lighter does not work, the illumination on my dash does not work, my windshield...
  7. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I have a 2001 eclipse 2.4L and when i start it in sequels for about 20 seconds and then stops and wont do it again until i let it sit for a little bit!! what could it be. another thing when im idling the car shake inside the cab i had a guy look at the motor mounts he could see and they have...
  8. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a few parts for sale. First is the Stock intake system for the I4 2.5g coupe, comes with everything, bolts and filter(brand new) no cracks!! Next is the stock fuel door, no chips in paint, comes with the two bolts. Next, Stock Antena. Last is the stock Chrome Inserts! everything is in...
  9. Problem Reports
    Ok i don't want to sound like a noob here but i need some help, Ok here is where i start, a few weeks ago, i replaced the intake manifold on my 3g because the part that connects to the throttle body snapped of completely, i was running fine until one day when i was about a quarter tank low on...
  10. Members Rides
    Here is my 2001 Eclipse GS, nothing done to it. All stock except for the headlights, and the crap spray paint hood (I did not paint this, it was like that when I bought it) [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  11. Problem Reports
    Whats up everyone, I'm new to this site....made a account last January and totally forgot about this site. lol still trying to learn how to Navigate around the web site. But lets get to the point of this thread. My cruise control is unable to function bc I am missing a module that connects to...
1-11 of 14 Results