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  1. 03 Eclipse GS build assistance

    I have a 03 Eclipse on stock internals, bigger injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump, turbo, exhaust. I’m currently on stock ECU with a piggy back and having idle issues. Changed spark plugs and wires. I wanna get some good pistons and rods and maybe the 4g64 DOHC head, and the rear brakes from the...
  2. GS Rear Main Seal Housing (Cover) Replacement

    New Members Forum
    I have a 03 gs and I gouged the Rear Main Seal Housing during the seal removal. Now I'm shopping for a new one, but can only find fits for a 4g63. Will a 4g63 Rear Main Seal housing fit on a 4g64? One I'm Looking at ...
  3. No spark no start

    Problem Reports
    Well I have been having issues with my 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4 L What's going on is my car is getting no spark, I have replaced the fuel pump the crankshaft position sensor, coil packs and the car will not get any spark, previously my car was sputtering when gaining speed and randomly...
  4. Looking for custom parts and performance

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for custom parts for the outside and inside, or after market for the engine for a 03 eclipse gs. such as (side skirts, spoiler,front lip, etc..) and for the engine (intake, headers, etc..)
  5. HELP!! 01' Mits Eclipse GS 2.4L Weird Oil Leak Issue..!

    New Members Forum
    i have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L 4G64 Engine, main problem i cant still seem to figure out im having a major leak from the back of the engine near the Intake manifold area all the way down its just a lot of oil all over the back of the engine to point where i cant even tell and at first...
  6. One Of My Childhood Dreamcars. Hello Nina =D

    Members Rides
    Hey my name is Jelani. Always wanted the 2000 Eclipse since I saw my cousin buy one brand new in 1999 in Virginia Beach, VA. Finally I got older and bought one of my own in the same color. Now I'm trying to build her up. Nina is a 2000 Tampa Blue Pearl GS. The original owner was from New Jersey...
  7. hiimchad's 2003 Eclipse GS 5-Speed

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    My first car, bought it in October 2009, all stock. Current Modifications Racing Hart Evolution C5's - 18"x7.5" Fuzion ZRi Tires - 225/40R18 Invidia N1 stainless steel cat back exhaust iPod charger/input 35% tint front windows, 20% tint rear "GS" debadge OE Style front bumper without...