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  1. New Members Forum
    So i believe i have a throw out bearing that went bad.. was taking off from a stoplight clutch went to the floor no pressure, just had transmission and clutch replaced 4K miles prior to tbis happening. Started the car in first with no pressure and it drove first and second gear but didn’t push...
  2. New Members Forum
    Finally got a eclipse it's a 2000 eclipse gt 5 speed ive had it for a week now and I already love the car it's quick just ready to put a aftermarket front bumper and spoiler any Ideas?
  3. Members Rides
    Hey guys! My name is Chapin (or Cudi) and im from a small town in Iowa. Im a senior in High School, and cars have always been what i love. I really love drawing and cars so i hope to move on and become an industrial designer. I currently work as a detailer at a local shop, so i get to clean...
  4. New Members Forum
    I have a 2000 Eclipse GT 3.0L and I can't get a tube down to the gas tank to siphon the gas out. Is there any way to drain the tank without dropping it or taking out the back seat? I just got it and didn't realize that it needed premium fuel and filled it up with regular. Can I just use this...
  5. New Members Forum
    OK so i have a 2000 gt eclipse it wont shift out of second and shifts into rev and drive pretty hard. I've tried 4 Scan Tools and none will show ne codes yet the SRS light is always on the tools all said no codes and gave no data on a lot of stuff this makes me think they aren't connecting all...
1-5 of 5 Results