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  1. Car makes a weird noise in drive but not park

    Problem Reports
    Its when im stopped at a light and the car is in drive. I makes a weird noise that comes from the black thing thats beside the valve cover or maybe something in that area of the engine. Its a 2003 eclipse gts automatic. When i put the car in park it stops and idles smooth? Ive changed spark...
  2. 03 Eclipse GTS shaking and jerking while accelerating.

    Problem Reports
    I am in the process of buying a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0 V6 convertible 5 spd from my father, who owns a used car dealership. The first time I drove it, It drove great, and there were no probelms that I could tell. I drove it for around 45 minutes no problem. On the way home, I put about...
  3. Swapping motor 2003 GTS - Evo 8, HELPS AND TIPS wanted

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey guys i'm new to Mitsubishi's motor. Can any one give me the Con and Pros about swapping a 2003 GTS spyder motor to an evo 8 motor. I know its going to be hard and all and why shouldn't I just buy an evo 8 instead; reasons is because, being unique is awesome, and none the less insurance will...
  4. Some Firstime Buyer Eclipse Turbo Questions

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I'm buying my first car, I'd like something that looks good and moves. I've read that the Gen3 and older Eclipse RS & GS engines can handle more psi than the GT, and are easier, and cheaper to mod for more Horsepower. [right, wrong?] I can find a used 2001 rs for around 4k, and a slightly...
  5. what next???? ideas please

    New Members Forum
    so i have a 03 GTS eclipse i have the headers down to the flowmaster 40 w/tip, injen cold air intake, 10.2mm blue plug wires, throttle body spacer, and brembo brake kit ....... so what things should i start looking into next? i wanna do the engine first before the body i have a few things for...
  6. GTS SDS Stage 1 Sleeper

    Members Rides
    I'm new to this club guys. I use to own a Nissan Sentra Xe with a bunch of useless mods and whole lot of wasted money. I'm a BioEngineering Undergrad at McGill University Quebec Canada. My 3g is what keeps me sane, driving back home has become a bliss because of this ride. UPDATED June 2nd 2011...