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  1. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I am trying to find out if i replace my key/switch/immobilizer/ecu in my 00 gt 5sp( MD365883) with one from a 00 gt 5spd(MD365886) is it gonna be alrt? I haven't been able to find a set up with (MD365883). Or does anybody have a key/switch/immobilizer/ecu to sell with part number ending in 3...
  2. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Done by @remrem3g on Instagram and @deeternal on YouTube
  3. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Transmission, complete wire harness including ECU, immobilizer, Key barrel, Clutch and brake paddles, clutch cylinder, gear shift and cables, motor and tranny separator plate, instrument cluster and more.
  4. New Members Forum
    Hi all, I was looking into getting some sort of tuner to tune my afr and stumbled across the SAFC2. I’ve heard good things about it but I was wondering if there was anything out that is better now that the system is getting a little older. thanks
  5. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Does anyone have recomendations/sites for performance ecus i need to pick up one before i install my turbo kit but cant find a single one
  6. RS/GS
    I have a 03 Eclipse on stock internals, bigger injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump, turbo, exhaust. I’m currently on stock ECU with a piggy back and having idle issues. Changed spark plugs and wires. I wanna get some good pistons and rods and maybe the 4g64 DOHC head, and the rear brakes from the...
  7. Problem Reports
    First off, I have searched repeatedly, cannot find the answer to this. I apologize if it's there and I didn't find it. Just bought a 2000 GT. When I got it, the blinkers didn't work during the test run, an easy fix I thought. (I know better now, I've never owned a Mitsubishi before) Car...
  8. New Members Forum
    I have problem with the alternator charging the battery. I've been through 2 alternators already had this one in car, pulled it out and had it bench tested. Passed all the tests threw it back in. And check for charging nothing. I all ready disconnected all harness cables in engine bay checked...
  9. Problem Reports
    I have a 2001 gt manual transmission 142k miles. I was driving on the highway when suddenly i couldn't accelerate until the car stopped and it wont turn back on. when i turn the key to the on position, the lights come on and all the accessories work but the car won't start. i replaced the fuel...
  10. New Members Forum
    Hey guys iv been looking this up for days I bought speed daddy race headers for my eclipse im not worried about install im worried about the safc2 or the Tactrix Cable witch one should I use and witch one is the easiest to use please help me out iv been everywhere with no success -Kyle
  11. Problem Reports
    So car will start and run for about 20 min Then shuts off.. dead. Go to fire it back up and acts like immobilizer shuts it down. I have gotten new immobilizer and ecu set even got a keyes coder to reprogram keys. But now when I hook key coder and obd up it says ecu is disconnected. We have went...
  12. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I have a 2001 2.4 RS that I'm looking to get tuned before the middle of October. I will pay $300 to whoever can tune my ECU to get at least a 10 BHP increase. Whoever decides they would like to do the job, I will request them to private message me or some shit there phone number so we can...
  13. Problem Reports
    I have a 2000 eclipse gs 5 speed manual2.4L 4cyl. I was told I need a new ecu or a new tps sensor. I have replaced the maf sensor the MDP sensor the iac, and put new plugs and wires on it. Only mods are aem cold air intake. My car fires up but stalls asap if I do not keep it running by...
  14. Car Audio and Electronics
    2001 eclipse gs, 2.4 m/t. pin 38 on ecu is giving negative to mfi relay when key is turned on. rely has one negative wire and two positive wires and when key is turned on seems to provide positive to the wire that goes to pin 38 on ecu. Since relay is shooting positive and ecu is shooting...
  15. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I want to get the e-mail tune from tx4codeman and I need the cable. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks!
  16. Problem Reports
    Alright so I just recently had to return my 74 and have it warranted. I put the exchanged motor in and have yet to have it started.... First one was to easy plug n play this one not so much. Little information the motor is out of an 01 diamante has 68k on the clock. So this motor would not fire...
  17. Problem Reports
    Alright, I've done some reading around and I got an idea of what I'm going to have to test tomorrow. I threw in some LED tail lights today (and a generic CAI) on my 01' Spyder GT 5-speed, and now my blinkers don't work at all. Flashers don't work either. It is throwing a "battery" and "BRAKE"...
1-17 of 37 Results