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  1. 02 GTS Openport No Read No write

    Engine Management Tuning
    I've searched high and low i ran into an issue recently. An acquaintance of my best friend did a trade with me my bike for his car i was ok with it this exact model eclipse was my first car ten years ago and like a kid out of high school i paid ten grand for it and went through two transaxles...
  2. 03 GS A/T Rom

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Countless searches have yeilded me absolutely nothing about a rom that is usable. There are plenty of threads of people asking, and later they just chime in they found it and didnt bother to share. Im well aware of the limits of the ecu and all that, just really looking to familiarize myself...
  3. 3.0L, 3.5L, & 3.8L E-Mail Tunes Available

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    As of August 2020, I am still offering these services. Please PM me here on the board. I will need a full mod list. The end user must have already acquired a Tactrix cable with Mitsu reflash adapter, and both Ecuflash/Evoscan programs on a laptop. The vehicle must have zero mechanical issues...
  4. Assistance getting started with Tactrix/OpenEcu setup

    Hello, all, Im working on a V6 Eclipse with a ripp blower kit on it. I am trying to learn (very quickly) everything there is about this openecu/tactrix flash kit. The girl at tactrix cannot answer simple questions I have and the owner doesnt reply my emails. Basically, I will be buying the...
  5. EcuFlash injector scaling

    I'm having a hell of a time getting my engine to start right now. I have 440cc injectors from Tearstone (I believe they are Ford Motorsports brand) and an E-Manage Ultimate sitting in front of the ECU. The E-Manage Ultimate is wired and configured for add-only compensation on the injectors...
  6. ECUFlash and AFR fine tuning

    I have been fairly successful at using ECUflash to adjust the high-octane AFR map on my NA GT. I am setting it to get a flat AFR curve of 12.5 from about 3000RPM up. First, does anything have a better idea or think this can be improved? Second, my question about the fine tuning. I have ~12.5...
  7. ecu flash tuning problem

    I have a 2001 gs 2.4L with a 255lph fuel pump and 440cc injectors and I have set the injector scalling to 401 and lowered the value in the hi/lo octane map as much as it will go (7.4). when the turbo reahces 10psi at wot I am getting a really lean condition (this doesn't make sense). I checked...