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electrical problem

  1. Help! Where do these wires go?

    Problem Reports
    Hi, This is my first post and I couldn't find a similar problem around here, so I am hoping someone can help me locate where these wires plug in. I accidentally snagged my foot under my steering column (don't ask me how, cause I have no idea haha) But I searched under the column and couldn't...
  2. Car Shorts on 1st spark?

    Problem Reports
    Well I have been MIA for a while. Life hasnt been treating me too well and now neither is the car. It was running like a champ for a while. Pandora (my car) is a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT premium package with a VRX 3.5 engine and tons of other upgrades. The car went into limp mode randomly (3...
  3. 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse Electrical Problems

    4G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hello! I just bought an 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 85000 miles and it is a manual. As I was getting in the car to drive off the lot the dealers couldn't open the trunk. Then looking more closely I realized I couldn't unlock or lock my doors with the key pad or on the inside of the car with the...
  4. got the sds working, but there's a problem

    ok. . . i finally got my engine swapped and installed the sds. it definately adds a nice kick to the power. i do have a few problems though hopefully you can help me out with. the easy one is the fact that between gears sometimes i get a backfire. i think it's because i'm running pretty rich...