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  1. Florida
    I am moving to Deltona, FL and I am not sure if my Turbo'd Eclipse is going to be able to pass inspection. Any ideas for where I can get it done? What all do they check--where I live now, north GA, I don't have to do emmisions tests. Do I just need my car to drive long enough for all the...
  2. Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I have an '01 Spyder GT 5-Speed. I'm looking to put a bit of work into it: new paint, cold air intake, new rims, new lights, possibly underglow, and, most importantly, new exhaust. I would really like to put true dual exhaust on it simply because few have it and I want the little bump in...
  3. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have an 03 GTS and I was wondering if anyone knows the OBD readiness drive cycle for it. Trying to pass emissions in NY and they said it wasnt ready to read and to drive it more. Well its been about 200 miles and still says not ready.
  4. GT/GTS
    Just wondering... what do people with lets say stage 3 s/c, headers, no cats and 3 inch exhaust do when they get a letter for emmitions?* :p *assuming u live in a state with emmitions.
  5. GT/GTS
    Hi there! Did a search but couldn't find any discussion about this. So in the future I might be FI'ing my GT but I really can't decide which way to go: to turbocharge or to supercharge :confused: I guess my biggest concern is the emissions since I live in a country where emissions are checked...
1-5 of 5 Results