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  1. Turbo question...And be Honest

    I have a 2000 eclipse gt that just got out of the body shop that faced 6300 in damage i thought about selling it and buying a 4 door luxury car. But i thought and thought and i just cant do it. im really not ready to give this up so early in the game. I have always wanted to turbo my clipse but...
  2. Rebuilding an Engine, What should i change??

    Hey guys i need some advice. i have an engine that i bent the valves on... i am planning on rebuilding it and supercharging it later. what should i change since i have the engine taken apart??
  3. Ignition Timing

    I am planning on putting in forged pistons and rods to put the boost up. I was wondering if i need to retard the timing. Would i need a new ignition? GT35R BB turbo