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  1. New Member Introductions
    I have a eclipse hyper flashing on the left side, I've done mostly everything off my basic mind. Is it the ETACS? Relay? Please help
  2. Problem Reports
    I put this up a few days ago, but realized I put it in the wrong forum, and I've made progress since then. In late December I got a 2002 eclipse. It's a base model and standard. It drove fine, though it needed its headlights and A/C all the way on in order to start. While I was driving one...
  3. Problem Reports
    Hello. I have a small issue with my Eclipse and this time it's the keyless entry that's acting up. So basically I have to press the unlock button on the remote anywhere from 1-20 times to unlock the door. Also I have to be pretty close to the car to have any chance of unlocking it. Things I...
  4. Problem Reports
    2003 eclipse gs 2.4 automatic Hello, I've been having problems with my turn signals and hazards. When the hazard or blinker switch are turned on, neither the outside bulbs nor the dash indicators light up. There is still the clicking noise coming from the etacs. I've checked all the fuses...
  5. Problem Reports
    hey guys any help would be great. I have an 03 eclipse and the flasher/hazards went out. I have replaced the fuse under the hood which blows every time. I have replaced the switch.. The last thing I wanna do is replace the ETACS if necessary.. any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  6. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Having issue finding the right fob for my car. Was purchased without one, its a 02 GT model. I know I need the denso model fob not the omron. I've crawled under the dash and got the number off my etacs box, it is HYQ13BAS, however I cannot find any info on this FCC ID anywhere online. Making me...
  7. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Looking for a fully working ETACS MR490278, because my turn signals/hazards do not work. I bought one off ebay, and it didnt work. So, im hoping someone more trustworthy on here has one.
  8. Problem Reports
    I am getting a buzz/whining sound when I turn the key to start, lasts a few seconds, then the engine cranks. Its not loud, but its not quiet either. 2001 eclipse GT. Etacs is out I believe, but seems unrelated. Any ideas?
  9. Problem Reports
    Alright, I've done some reading around and I got an idea of what I'm going to have to test tomorrow. I threw in some LED tail lights today (and a generic CAI) on my 01' Spyder GT 5-speed, and now my blinkers don't work at all. Flashers don't work either. It is throwing a "battery" and "BRAKE"...
1-9 of 9 Results