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  1. Evo 4 4g63t swap 2002 gs

    New Members Forum
    Hi guys, I read the 3g-2g evo thread and it said the orientation of the Evo 4-7 engines is the same as the one for the stock 4g64. Does that mean it'll drop in and only have the starter in the way? I want to put an evo 4 4g63t in and i'd rather do it over a head swap for plenty of reasons. AND...
  2. BHM MAF Adapter

    Eclipse Performance
    I figured this item deserved its own thread. This is a big game changer on intake systems for a lot of Mitsubishi platforms, but mostly on the 2G & 3G Eclipse, 8G Galants, and including Evo VIII owners. I am working with a local shop here in the Denver area for flow testing and documentation of...
  3. [SOLD] FS: Evo 8 Enkei's

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: Evo 8 Enkei's/brand new tires - $600 SHIPPED! I have a set of Enkei Evo 8's wrapped in brand new Yokohama AVS Winter 235/45/17 94H. The tires are quite literally brand new...have 95% tread life left. Asking $600 SHIPPED anywhere in the lower 48 continental states..we can work out a deal if...
  4. [SOLD] V6 Turbo kit

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: V6 Turbo kit First of, let me say.... Price is $2,100 obo..Shipped to USA only I know that the price is very high, but thats what I paid for and I added more parts to it. so save it. If "BObbys shop" can build you a kit for half the price..good for you..dont waste your time here.. Second...
  5. Need Head/Turbo opinions!

    Need help and opinions, going for a money save/still power route, I believe now for sure I want to buy a 4g63 6 bolt *evo4*head and swap it onto my RS eclipse. Then I want to turbo it but would the tubes I'm looking for be the evo stock turbo or eclipse turbo? Need advice and stories, I've...
  6. Starting road to motor swap

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    :ndance: This past month was my month that I decided I'm going to keep my RS 3G and not get a new car. That lead me to look at turbos to increase performance, thus leading to swapping and turbo-ing threads. As I talked it over with a friend of mine that works at a performance shop and a few evo...
  7. TONS of parts. (Tactrix, Turbos, Rear brake swap, Injectors,etc.)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, I have sold my '02 eclipse turbo and found these parts while cleaning out my garage. My loss is your gain. Everything is OBO. Every sale is final and everything is sold as is. No refunds or exchanges. Best way to get in touch with me is email or PM as I'm not on here a lot anymore...
  8. What hood is this?

    Show and Shine
    I've been torn between the Seibon Evo style hood and the VIS G-speed hood. Now I found this one and love it, but what kind is it I've never seen it? And would it fit my 2003 eclipse. The car here looks like a 2000-2005
  9. Pair of Front Brembo Calipers

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling a set of front brembo calipers. They have (3) bolts stuck in them and needs a shop to get them out or someone that knows some tricks. They came off a Evo IX in working order, sell just didn't know how to take the bolts off I guess :facepalm: . I am selling as is and do not buy if...
  10. 3g parts & Evo Turbo parts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    3g parts All prices are + shipping & o.b.o., PM me with offers <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
  11. FS: turbo's , turbo parts, DOHC parts plus MORE STUFF!

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Most of the stuff is used. Prices do not include Shipping. PM for shipping details. Prices are OF COURSE negotiable! I live in Miami, Fl. Let me know if you would like to meet up! Have a great day guys!! Valve Cover for DOHC SWAP $45.00 BRAND NEW! Cast Iron Manifold for 16g turbo DSM style...
  12. WTB: evo brembo brakes

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    m looking for front brembo calipers for the old 3g and maybe rotors; message pricing+shipping. 49246 thanks in advance.
  13. Standalone FS (MI): AEM EMS 1312 (1313) Eclipse/Lancer/Evo

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Sold. Please Delete.
  14. 2003 eclipse 510WHP

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    2003 mitsubishi eclipse, original 60k miles Fully built 4G64 Race block 40,over wiseco pistons Manley turbo tuff rods ACL rod bearings Fully built EVO 8 headgames cylinder head 1mm Oversized ferrea Valves Port & polish 4mm Angle job HKS 280 camshafts Fidanza Cam gears TURBO gt35r garret...
  15. FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 stock turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS!: HKS 272 cams,Delphi 1000cc Injectors,2 Evo 8 turbos/housings, Sard Boost Trigger Here are some parts that I have for sell. Im open to any offers.I would be willing to trade the cams for newer GSC S2's or shoot me an offer if you have some other cams that you are willing trade just let me...
  16. FS. Evo Front caliper

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there guys, I have one brembo caliper for sale. I don’t really know much about this caliper. A buddy of mine about 2 years ago, drop this off at my house telling me that I can use it on my car. unfortunately I don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the other side. To be honest I...
  17. FS: Greddy EVO II Exhaust

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys I'm selling my Greddy Evo II Exhaust CA Spec, asking for 400 OBO. I Reside in Ventura County California (Zip 93033) looking for a local buyer, but if reasonable I'm willing to meet halfway. Thanks James
  18. Group Buy: FIC Injectors and Accessories

    Group Buys
    I offer Fuel Injector Clinic's (FIC) full line of products at up to 5% off of MSRP every day at Zero Resistance, LLC. If I can get interest in 6 or more sets of injectors, I'll offer FIC's entire product line at 10% below MSRP with free shipping until July 31, 2010 . Only sets of injectors will...
  19. EvoScan

    Eclipse Performance
    Ok, so I noticed that there is a dedicated thread for tuning and ECUFlash, but nothing for EvoScan. Now, I know that it is just a datalogger, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who has had questions about it. Here are my first 3. The items circled in blue, should I leave that on the...