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  1. 00' V6 RIPP SDS running issues/tuning assistance needed

    00' V6 RIPP SDS Build PART 2! Spring 2012 update last post! Hello all, I am currently working on a 00 V6 with a RIPP SDS kit on it. The car starts and idles, but as soon as you touch the throttle is chokes out and dies. Basically, this car has had to many hands under the hood, and I have...
  2. EvoScan

    Eclipse Performance
    Ok, so I noticed that there is a dedicated thread for tuning and ECUFlash, but nothing for EvoScan. Now, I know that it is just a datalogger, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who has had questions about it. Here are my first 3. The items circled in blue, should I leave that on the...