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exhaust leak

  1. Down pipe / front pipe???

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Ok so i have an 02 gs, im running a cat back exhaust and will be installing headers soon, however there a massive exauhst leak coming from the down pipe or front pipe (not sure what its called) because the previous owner cut it and used exhaust clamps in 3 different places for whatever reason...
  2. Awful Exhaust leak, need opinions!

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey guys, I literally just made an account to post this, if I'm breaking any rules, please let me know so I may post in the correct thread. I have a terrible exhaust leak with my 03 Eclipse GTS(Automatic), it idle revs and the car will jolt when driving(like shifting gear) I was told to just...
  3. Loud rumbling noise when accelerating

    Problem Reports
    Hey all I am new to this forum, I just made an account but have been reading threads since I bought my eclipse in 2015. 2008 gt eclipse A few months ago i received a check engine code for spark plugs so I changed the front 3 plugs on the valve cover but left the ones under the intake manifold...
  4. Pyrometer fitting

    I Have a leak around the fitting in my exhaust for my EGT and I wanted to know if anyone knew if there was anything on the threads to help it seal or how you guys sealed yours into your exhaust. I was also thinking of maybe using silver solder to seal the fitting. It's making the o2 read lean at...