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exhaust manifold

  1. DOHC Swap Exhuast Manny Question

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    Okay so I have been searching and searching and i cant find a thread that will answer my question. I have a '01 Sonata head and I was wondering what kind of exhaust manifold to use. I found a thread for headers for the N/A head swap but I have future plans on going F/I eventually. I just want...
  2. Engine manifold

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    hey guys, i ran into a little problem, i dont even know what is the cause or possible result of this but the small nuts on my engine manifold appear to be unscrewed half way, and one of them (3 total) is missing. the only thing i could think of is maybe some internal pressure is making the nuts...
  3. Oil Leak cause

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    2001 Eclipse GT 155K After driving for about 900 miles I am down 3/4 of a quart. I hoisted up my car and found oil everywhere. I've had this car for about 2 months now and this was the first time hoisting it up myself and taking a peak. The rear exhaust manifold's bolts had drops of oil sitting...
  4. Blown Head Gasket 2.4 tips for others and need advice for myself

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    2002 Eclipse RS 123,xxx miles Stock except for Air Intake Well, about a week ago the car overheated, i was only 2 blocks from my house so I decided to get it home and take a look... :noway: :facepalm: BAD IDEA!! I noticed about 2 blocks away like I said, it was at about 3/4, by the time i got...
  5. Those with turbos

    I have a friend of mine that builds custom turbo manifolds for Hondas. I spoke with him and he said he could make some for the guys that are running turbos on our cars that would replace only the manifolds so no piping changes. If interested let me know. $750 for the pair. We have cali spec...