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  1. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So, we have a 2005 GTS (hard top) with a manual trans. The car is gonna be built primarily for driver satisfaction and just being a fun car. Not trying to race anyone, not trying to AWD or engine swap, just some cornering when I go into the mountains with my uncle and cruising. Right now I’m...
  2. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I recently bought this ‘01 RS and can’t seem to figure out what 4-2-1 header this is. I was wondering if anyone could eyeball it, or take your best guess all help is appreciated. I need to replace the flange gasket and have tried 3 without any success, the exhaust fumes bleeding into the cabin...
  3. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have a 2.4 2001 Eclipse GS Convertible and I really love this car. I know it doesn’t make a ton of power or I’m wasting my money or whatever but the car is in very good condition and I feel confident in putting some money into it. I’ve purchased a cold air intake and would like to do some...
  4. New Members Forum
    I recently purchased a 2005 2.4l and was looking to upgrade the exhaust on it. What is the best way to go about it? Buy the exhaust system first or buy headers first? And which header/exhaust combo is the best?
  5. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hi , i'm planing to start modifing my 3g and i want to start with the exhaust , which magnaflow muffler sounds better on a Gs (tell me with part number please)
  6. Show and Shine
    I moved my exhaust from the back where it usually is and I put it right in front of the driver side back tire for side exhaust. My question is, is what should I do with the bumper hole (I guess that's what you would call it) where the exhaust used to be? I've tried to look for body kits and...
  7. Eclipse Performance
    Hi Guys! I'm making this to get a second opinion on what I'm doing on my exhaust. It's a 2003 Eclipse GTS with the 3.0 Currently, I'm running stock headers&downpipe, stock cat, but with a resonator delete, 2 chamber streetflow muffler and a custom tip. I'm cutting out the cat since it only...
  8. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey guys, I literally just made an account to post this, if I'm breaking any rules, please let me know so I may post in the correct thread. I have a terrible exhaust leak with my 03 Eclipse GTS(Automatic), it idle revs and the car will jolt when driving(like shifting gear) I was told to just...
  9. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Unfortunately my 2001 Eclipse GS got totaled and I'm parting out what I was able to save. Starting price at $250 willing to ship located in Des Moines, IA for local pickup if interested. The car got rear ended so the exhaust tip is slightly bent however overall fitment was still great when I...
  10. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy some gently used systems and headers for the right price. I'm in south NJ and don't mind taking a trip for a good deal. Send me whatever you have
  11. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, I'm kind of in a rut here and need some help fast! I have a 2004 eclipse GTS Spyder, I just brought it to Conway Motors in Everett, WA to install header back exhaust and Cold Air Intake. The problem is that it will most likely run like crap after I do this install, but i thought ahead...
  12. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey all I'm looking for some exhaust piping (cat to muffler), if anyone has anything around the NJ/PA area I'll be glad to pick it up Thanks:yesway:
  13. Eclipse Performance
    READ EDIT FIRST Okay, so by now, everyone is aware that headers for the v6 do little in terms of performance, and its not even really the headers that cause this, but its because you are removing the stock restrictive pre-cats and cats. Question being, if headers aren't really an option...
  14. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for performance exhaust. Headers and cat-back. No ebay exhausts or custom made set ups. Preferably a mainstream brand.
  15. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Okay, I have a 2001 GT with about 70k miles on it. Only mods are cold air intake, custom exhaust and GTS manifold swap with working butterflies. Basically, I became annoyed with the drone of the car, and I finally decided it was time to get a resonator. I was going for the Hushpower 2, but I...
  16. New Members Forum
    Hi, I’m glad to be here. I have a few questions, and concerns about the Mitsubishi 3g GT. I am 18 years old and I’m looking to buy a used car next summer. I will buy the car with my own money, I will also pay for everything that the car needs .Just so you guys know I do not know much about cars...
  17. New Members Forum
    Hi I have owned my 3g for about a year and have been very unsuccessful at finding alot of good power adders. But the main thing I am looking for is stand alone ecu or flash. Much help would be appreciated I used to own a lego car a 99 civic now I moved on but miss the accessibility of...
  18. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Until I can follow the rules set forth on this forum I cannot list items for sale.
  19. Problem Reports
    I just successfully finished my DOHC swap and got her running great without any engine codes. I've been driving it daily for about two weeks now and I have discovered a new problem. Whenever I start it up, a lot of white smoke blows out of my exhaust tip but after about 10 minutes it goes away...
  20. New Members Forum
    Will a v6 3G eclipse exhaust fit a 4 cylinder 3G spyder?:eek: As far as fitment and pipe size
1-20 of 73 Results