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  1. Car Audio and Electronics
    EDIT: I have been informed that all I really did by switching those connectors was disable the CD changer. What is more likely the fix is simply a bad connection that I missed at first but ended up securing when I unhooked and re-hooked up all the wiring in the back. My bad. Hey guys. A little...
  2. Car Audio and Electronics
    I just bought new LED bulbs for my Speedo, Tach, fuel, and temp gauges. I disconnected the Battery and installed everything, then put it back in and reconnected the battery. I turned the new lights on and the dash lights stayed on for about 3 seconds and went out, i smelled an electrical burn...
  3. Problem Reports
    I'm about to replace the timing belt on my GT and figured I'd swap out the water pump while I'm at it. has the OEM water pump for $150, but I found significantly cheaper water pumps "without rear housing". If I go with one without the rear housing, will that totally...
1-3 of 3 Results