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  1. 1G/2G Eclipse General Discussion
    Im having a couple of issue with my 98 Eclipse RS. After it running for a minute at a idle it starts to run rough and pulsate(Rpm's slightly up/down sparaticly), also the engine vibrates at the same time. Past day or so its become sluggigh bewteen 2-3k when accelerating. Ive done some research...
  2. Group Buys
    I offer Fuel Injector Clinic's (FIC) full line of products at up to 5% off of MSRP every day at Zero Resistance, LLC. If I can get interest in 6 or more sets of injectors, I'll offer FIC's entire product line at 10% below MSRP with free shipping until July 31, 2010 . Only sets of injectors will...
1-2 of 2 Results