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  1. Help to change fuel injectors in 2003 GS

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    Hello, I am going to be replacing the stock injectors currently in my 2003 GS but I am not completely sure how to depressurize the fuel rail. Can it be depressurized directly from the fuel rail or do I have to disconnect the fuel pump to relieve the pressure?
  2. My Car sputtered down the road then died after getting gas.

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    I'm not terribly sure where to go anymore at this point. I've been on this website for the last 4 days reading discussions about problems similar to mine but not quite. To make this as easy as possible. I just bought my dream car. A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Manual with around 98000 miles on...
  3. FS: Apexi S-AFC2 + Stand

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  4. Galant turbo project HELP!

    Hey guys I need some help I am going to turbo my 2.4l auto galant and I need some help or opinions. I also want to leave it an automatic. also want to run it on 93 and e85. this is what I will be running an evo 8 16g and what I am trying to figure out is what to do about fuel management. I was...
  5. fuel set up

    Ok guys Im almost finished with my turbo set up and im narrowing down my fuel set. I was looking into some venom injectors. Flow rate 30lbs/hr. Is this a good size. I will be starting out at 6psi for a start but i will be increasing boost when i finish my spare bottom end. I will be also adding...
  6. Fuel System Build

    Alright so I started to do my fuel system build and need some much need questions answered. The DL on this running a fuel cell, with inline pump and filter, then to a Y-block, then running two VR4 fuel rails then to a fpr, then a return back to the fuel cell. Fuel cell has one AN-8 fitting for...
  7. Fuel Sytem Upgrade Opinions

    This is the fuel system that I'm planning on installing on the Eclipse this winter. I want some constuctive opinion or any other ideas that will help improve this fuel system. Atm, the fuel rails are being shipped over. From the stock fuel line connect 100 micro in line fuel filter: Aeromotive...
  8. Fuel System Questions

    Hello all, first post here. I come to you all for some help. I have a 99 Diamante that I am Turbocharging. I am not new to Turbos in general as I have a GVR4 and had a 2G DSM also. I am however new to boosting an NA engine. I have done lots of reading on this site because you all are pretty...
  9. Rule of thumb boost levels?

    Whats the highest boost with stock fuel management (no injectors, no fuel pump, no fpr) (other than safc) that you can safely run with proper tunning and fmic? What is the highest (safe) boost you can run with FPR, Injectors and FMIC but no pistons? I tried using the search feature but I could...
  10. Running lean up top

    Basic info: I have a Stage 3 SDS. Car is a 2003 GTS with a slush box. Running the RIPP gray box for management. The problem: When doing a run from a dead stop in "sport-tronic" mode, I run lean at around 4800 rpm in first (car even backfires from detonation; give up the luv for forged...