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  1. Disconnected Fuel Line Problems

    Problem Reports
    Hey guys, I've checked around the forums and haven't found any solutions to this yet. I might just be over thinking it, but it seems one of my fuel lines running from the tank disconnected. I can't find any diagrams online that clearly show connections, so I'm wondering if anyone has experience...
  2. Neg Fuel Trim Help

    Eclipse Performance
    Hey guys. I run in my passion. Got my 01 RS with a td05hr-16g-10.5t. I'm only running around 10-12 pounds right now. But that isn't the point, I am running a constant negative 12.5 long term fuel trim. My short term jumps a lot but fairly regularly stays neg as well. Anyone have any idea to fix...
  3. 2001 gt dies just after starting every once in a while

    Problem Reports
    2001 Eclipse GT manual, 150k miles. The fuel pump was replaced 6 months ago. sometimes after the car has been running for a while and I try to start it again it dies after a few seconds. After I wait for 45 minutes to an hour(not before) the car starts again and runs normally. This happens once...
  4. TONS of parts. (Tactrix, Turbos, Rear brake swap, Injectors,etc.)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, I have sold my '02 eclipse turbo and found these parts while cleaning out my garage. My loss is your gain. Everything is OBO. Every sale is final and everything is sold as is. No refunds or exchanges. Best way to get in touch with me is email or PM as I'm not on here a lot anymore...
  5. Can someone help me find the fuel rail insulator?

    Problem Reports
    Year: 2000 Submodel: GT Trans: Sportronic Mileage: 155,000 Problem: I was replacing the o-rings and grommets on my fuel injectors and when I removed the fuel rail there are (what tearstone refers to as) insulators that fit in between the fuel rail and the intake. If you look at the tearstone...
  6. very bad gas mileage

    New Members Forum
    I had a recent battery problem(the negative terminal end was very corrored probably because of water getting on it and wasnt getting any conduction with the battery). I replaced the negative terminal end with a new one and after getting this replaced ive been noticing a large reduction in my...
  7. 00' GS Sporty / Sputtering at low RPMS

    Problem Reports
    Hey, I have an odd problem. If this exact problem has been addressed before, please direct me towards the right thread. I've searched around, and haven't found anything that fits this exact problem. I have a 2000 GS Auto, 100k miles, and the only mod is a short ram intake. I recently just...

    Problem Reports
    Ok, here is the story on this car. The girl across the road never bothered to check the oil and blew the engine. I bought it and put in a good used engine. I changed the water pump and timing belt and all the gaskets, fuel rail, plugs, wires, etc. The timing marks all line up, the engine turns...
  9. A few issues

    New Members Forum
    This is actually my first post on here, and I've recently encountered a few problems with my 3g. It's a 2001 GS, auto tranny. I got it about 2 years ago, it had a rebuilt title, etc. It had to have a new transmission put in, and the shifter has one screw in it that isn't the right size. I've...
  10. Fake Vents & help painting alloy fuel door

    Show and Shine
    I search and searched but couldn't find any info on painting an alloy fuel door. I really need detailed instructions as I never painted aluminum or anything close to it. :dunno: Also, if anyone can tell me where I can buy fake vents and cool options for them. Thanks :eek3:
  11. ecu flash tuning problem

    I have a 2001 gs 2.4L with a 255lph fuel pump and 440cc injectors and I have set the injector scalling to 401 and lowered the value in the hi/lo octane map as much as it will go (7.4). when the turbo reahces 10psi at wot I am getting a really lean condition (this doesn't make sense). I checked...