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  1. New Member Introductions
    So this has happened about 4 times now. I’ve gone to start my car and it will not start. Every time it won’t start it turns out the 20A fuse (I think #13) is blown out. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I found a fuse underneath my steering wheel behind the fuse box! Wondering what it goes to and if it could lead to a no start situation if blown it’s a pink fuse with a number 3 on it and also was wondering if there’s any other hidden fuses
  3. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I recently bought a 2000 eclipse gt and have a few electrical problems I’m assuming it has to do with a few fuses but I don’t have a diagram for my fuse box. Any PDF’s out there please and thanks.
  4. Problem Reports
    2003 eclipse gs 2.4 automatic Hello, I've been having problems with my turn signals and hazards. When the hazard or blinker switch are turned on, neither the outside bulbs nor the dash indicators light up. There is still the clicking noise coming from the etacs. I've checked all the fuses...
  5. Problem Reports
    I've searched the forum for a few days and not necessarily finding a clear solution. With that said, I have a 2003 gs manual with 167,xxx on it. The issue I am having is a no crank issue. I will turn the key and if I hold the key turned for more than roughly 5 seconds, the ignition fuse will...
  6. Car Audio and Electronics
    Welp the title says it all. I'm new to the eclipse i have a 2003 gts v6 3.0. My inside rearview was cracked so i cut the wires going to the clip that connects to the back of mirror. I have a new mirror but even after splicing wires still nothing. The new mirror is from the same car so maybe its...
  7. Problem Reports
    2001 eclipse GT Heres the series of events... passenger headlight stopped working. replaced both bulbs, still not working. found out the wire that was crimped was done poorly, and came loose. I crimped one, didnt see the other that had also come apart (either when I was fixing other or same...
  8. Problem Reports
    '01 GS Sportronic 125kmi with an unknown, working auto-start system. (It seems to be tapped into the inspection port in the front fuse/relay block with all other wiring being under dash.) Headlights are dim; so, I started digging in and was going to go straight for a socket or harness upgrade...
  9. Car Audio and Electronics
    So my car died in a parking lot when i was with my friend listening to music and so he grabbed his car and i gave him the jumper cables from my trunk and he started reving his car when he shouldnt have but anyway after that my car came back on and everything else worked besides from my deck. Im...
  10. New Member Introductions
    My cruise light comes on whenever I press the button but it won't set. I looked into it awhile back but I don't remember what all I checked. I need to know what to check and how to fix it. Also, is there a specific fuse for the cruise control? I can't find it if so. I would really like to have...
  11. Problem Reports
    So i was installing my aftermarket receiver... and i completely screwed up. I own a 2003 Eclipse. It has the amp in it. I blew something while installing the new receiver. My keyless entry doesn't work, sunroof, lights on mirror, 12v plug, and dash screen, and i believe the stereo. I cut the...
  12. Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi, Today when I turn on the lights of my car (Eclipse 2000 GT) the parking lights and the gauges didn't turn on only the low lights, I already checked the fuse and relay for the parking lights but they are fine! Any ideas??? :mecry2:
1-13 of 15 Results