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  1. Problem Reports
    Alright, sorry my first post is in the problem reporting thread, but I am at an ends trying to figure this thing out. It seems that my car is spooked by a ghost or something. Anyhow, I actually have 3 problems, but remedying one might help to remedy the second, and I am pretty sure the third is...
  2. Problem Reports
    hey 1st post. just bought an 00 eclipse gs worked perfect for a few days and now many things arent working. windows, AC/blower, guage lights, sunroof, taillight, those reading lights on the rear view mirror, clock, and maybe one or two other things but i think thats all. i was having a problem...
  3. Problem Reports
    i've had an eclipse for a month and it was all good untill recently when random fuses blow. 1st the guages/ right taillight then the air conditioner. installed a head unit which i thought for sure was causing it but i have checked it and it is grounded and everything. the only thing is when i...
1-3 of 3 Results