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  1. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    EDIT: ORDER IS NOW FILLED IF YOU WANT IN LET ME KNOW BY THE END OF THIS WEEK. I WILL BE SORTING OUT THE LEGAL END OF THIS WITH THE MACHINE SHOP AND BE GETTING AN ETA FOR PRODUCTION ASAP Currently need 20 members to sign up to have Alex tubaso owner of BulletProof Racing to start making the evo...
  2. New Members Forum
    So basically I was able to find a 2004 mitsubishi galant ls engine which is a 3.8l engine and makes much more horsepower (25) and i want to know if it would be difficult because the engines look exactly the same and look like they have the same orientation thank you.
  3. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for the 5 spoke 4g rims to buy or trade for my existing rims preferably in the NJ area. Please let me know if you or anyone else has them. Thanks
  4. Members Rides
    Since spending a little more time over here recently, I figure I'll add my car to the Members Ride section. I hope to be able to contribute as well as learn from the community to further push progress on this platform. Current Mod List: Engine 3.5L 6G74 - awaiting build ARP Main Studs...
  5. RS/GS
    Hey guys I need some help I am going to turbo my 2.4l auto galant and I need some help or opinions. I also want to leave it an automatic. also want to run it on 93 and e85. this is what I will be running an evo 8 16g and what I am trying to figure out is what to do about fuel management. I was...
1-5 of 5 Results