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  1. Temp. Gauge Reaching Up To 3/4's

    Problem Reports
    So I have this problem with my '01 Eclipse Spyder GS. After 5 minutes or so of driving and oil starts to warm up, Temp. Gauge starts reaching 3/4's on the dash. It's stays there when moving above 30 mph but doesn't come close to reaching the H for overheating. Then when i start to slow down and...
  2. LED Dash Conversion Question

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Before anyone has a fit, i did search everywhere before asking this. Not only on club 3g, but also using google. I recently did the clock pod and HVAC's to blue with the circuit board looking size 74 LED's. I am about to order the LED's for the gauges now. I have searched everywhere trying to...
  3. Gauge Cluster Issues

    Problem Reports
    Hey all. Got a problem with my 2000 eclipse. I just bought it off a guy knowing the issue and hoping I could fix it. So here's the issue. It was an aftermarket gauge cluster in it for a 2001 eclipse. Im not sure if the problem is as simple as wrong year but the only thing currently working on...
  4. Coolant guage

    Problem Reports
    Ok So i installed Glow gauges in my car about last winter and after that my H C coolant gauge doesnt work properly. When i turn my car on it goes up about three fourths up. i was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem.
  5. Gas Gauge Doesn't Go Back Down To Empty When Car Is Turned Off

    Problem Reports
    So this is a strange issue. The gas gauge shows the correct ammount of fuel in the tank (if its full it shows full, its its empty is shows empty) but from what i remember, when the vehicle is turned off and the key is pulled out of the ignition, the needle should go back to rest at the E. For...
  6. WTB: Piece around Gauge (03 3G)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    This is the piece I need. I was putting mine al back in and somehow managed to break the whole thing in the back.. :dunno: Not sure how. If anyone has this piece and is willing to let go of it. Id grealty appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. Speedo/Trip Gauge Wont Light Up

    Problem Reports
    I just got my car back from the body shop due to a front end accident. When I got it back the Speedo/Trip gauge cluster wont light up at all when you turn the headlights on. I am totally puzzled as to what the problem is. I check all relative fuses and they are fine. I even replaced them just to...
  8. Clear/colored gauge cluster backing??

    Show and Shine
    Hey there, so I was looking around online bored and i found these clear but colored film backing for the cluster (ya know the white part) and I looked on here for a good half hour with different keywords to see if it has been done before... anyways heres the site its called 2000 - 2005...
  9. Temperature Guage Fluxuates

    Problem Reports
    2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Manual V6 113333 Miles Hey guys, so I may just be overreacting but I think my temp guage may be a little weird. I drive a 2001 Eclipse. When I start the car it takes awhile to go to the middle and today when I was driving it to work I noticed that it was moving...
  10. Wideband or narrowband air fuel gauge??

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I'm looking at getting an air fuel mixture gauge from glowshift, I just don't know If I need the narrowband or wideband gauge, or if it matters and why it makes a difference. Thanks
  11. Led Question

    Show and Shine
    What is the best style Led from to get to change the gauge color.....i know that they are 194s but i would like to know if it is the WLED-x4,5,6 or any other in meaning of hot spots and brightness.
  12. oil / transmission gauges

    New Members Forum
    sup everyone, does anyone know where the input is to an oil gauge on the engine and a transmission gauge input on the transmission thanks in adavnce. i tried looking it up in the forums and nothing was helpful.
  13. Gauges and Turbo

    I know boost control and EGT gauges are mandatory. Is there anything else needed to monitor Turbos? Any brands and recommendations?
  14. Boost gauge question

    Hi everyone, I was driving back home this evening and I noticed something was off with my SDS. I tried to punch it for a little bit and I noticed something a bit odd. Here the details: Relevant setup: Five speed GT Stage 1 SDS Boost gauge 30 In Hg – 20 PSI Scenario: I was doing about...
  15. Normal gauge readings at idle?

    All you guys that are boosted, what are your normal readings at idle? I have GReddy gauges. My vacuum is approx -480 kg/m2, which is equal to -19in/H20 My oil pressure is right at 1bar, which is equal to about 14.5psi What do you other guys get?