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  1. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Up for sale or trade: Okay take two. Sorry for the mix up from before but here are the pics of what I have for sale (with proof this time) ADD W1 gauges for AT $45 shipped 03-05 Stock amber turn signals, Right side has a scuff on it, selling it for 15 shipped, just trying to get them out my...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Ok i changed all the colors in my cluster..i got to my Gear lights (1,2,3,4) and they seem to have an even smaller bulb. Im seeing something called at 37 or E37, what is that? Also how do i get this bulbs out of there socket? they dont seem to be just pulling out like the 74's and 194's. I...
  3. Problem Reports
    So today my new lights came in to replace the speedo gauges so I followed xkape's tutorial on how to do it which is here and did everything as stated the lights I ordered were blue and were from model...
  4. Car Audio and Electronics
    I just bought new LED bulbs for my Speedo, Tach, fuel, and temp gauges. I disconnected the Battery and installed everything, then put it back in and reconnected the battery. I turned the new lights on and the dash lights stayed on for about 3 seconds and went out, i smelled an electrical burn...
  5. Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi, Today when I turn on the lights of my car (Eclipse 2000 GT) the parking lights and the gauges didn't turn on only the low lights, I already checked the fuse and relay for the parking lights but they are fine! Any ideas??? :mecry2:
  6. Problem Reports
    Hey guys I have a 2000 Mitsu Eclipse GT, sporty tranny with 130K miles on it and I use it as a daily driver. My problems started last week, the car was driving normally then all of the sudden on monday I tried to start it and all the lights would turn on inside the car but it wouldn't start and...
  7. Car Audio and Electronics
    Im looking to swap out the stock gauge lighting for LED ones. Just wondering how many I need and if they are different sizes or what not. Generally, fill me in on how to do the swap. Thanks!
  8. Problem Reports
    Ok so about a week ago i did the HVAC and clock pod LED conversion and everything turn out ok, since i had the LED bulbs as a gift, i had to order the other bulbs that i didn't have for the gauges from superbright led's page. So i did.. i got them today and decided to put them on the same day, i...
  9. Car Audio and Electronics
    I recently purchased reverse glow gauges for my 00 gs but they didn't come with instructions does anyone know what i would wire the red and black power wires to?
  10. Show and Shine
    so heres the deal. i've searched many places on here and the web and i still cant find exactly what im looking for. i know i can change the gauges but can anyone tell me where i can buy them? i just cant find them anywhere! on youtube i found some that change colors at certain rpms does anyone...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Its there a particular brand of electric gauges that i can directly swap with the factory ones in my 03 clipse?? If so please tell me where i can find them....
  12. New Member Introductions
    sup everyone, does anyone know where the input is to an oil gauge on the engine and a transmission gauge input on the transmission thanks in adavnce. i tried looking it up in the forums and nothing was helpful.
  13. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    I have a custom made clock pod gauge. It will still need some fabrication to make it look perfect, but it does look great in place of the clock. I bought it a year a go and never installed it, didn't have the time. Made out of think black plastic polyurathane. Includes three gauges with it...
  14. GT/GTS
    Just doing some winter planning, one of the changes I plan to make is a new installation of guages for various readouts. I plan to go with the Autometer Cobalt Series Guages (doing the whole blue light inside thing). But wanted to get some feed back on some guage choices that are deemed msot...
  15. GT/GTS
    I know boost control and EGT gauges are mandatory. Is there anything else needed to monitor Turbos? Any brands and recommendations?
  16. GT/GTS
    I am going to install my SDS this weekend and have yet to get my guages. will it be safe to run for a few weeks til i can get them in? any advice would be great. :twitch:
1-16 of 16 Results