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  1. 2001 Eclipse Gt premium package

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Instead of re writing everything in my ad I'm just gonna post a link to my ad.I also want to add that it has a brand new clutch in it.its so new its not even in yet! But really, I just bought a new clutch for it and it will be in it tommorow. Tons of maintenance done to it.has the common...
  2. 02 Sensor- Where to buy?

    Problem Reports
    Hey everyone! Whats up? I havent been on in a while, my SES light came on last week, so i ran up to autozone and used their OBD2, I pulled an upstream 02 sensor error, so Im assuming that means a bad 02 sensor on the cat, the guy who was "helping me" wasnt very bright, he couldnt even find the...
  3. My 03 Eclipse GTS--silver

    Members Rides
    Will Post new pics ASAP!! Its a work in progress but this is what I have so far: Performance: AEM Cold Air Intake RIPP Long Tube Headers Greddy Evo 2 Catback Exhaust 8.5 mm Magnecor Spark Plug Wires NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs Ecu Flash has not yet been flashed but got the cable Interior...
  4. Opinions on EGR and Ported and/or Polished Intake Manifold

    Eclipse Performance
    I've been doing quite a bit of research over the past couple of days, even generally on the internet. My 03 GTS upper and lower intake manifold is out for port and polishing and I have a question about the EGR. As most of us know this system recirculates exhaust gases at cruise to achieve...
  5. PS REQUEST: A couple mods

    Photoshop Requests / Tests
    Hey everyone, Im new here and so far I love the forum, I just purchased an 2004 Silver GTS :yum:. I was wanting to see if someone could show me a few modifications. You can use whatever amgle shot you think is best for whatever modifications you show Thanks! :wavey: - Rims...
  6. invaderGTS's 2003 GTS (widebody)

    Members Rides
    This is my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS. I know it is not perfect but I am very Proud of how far I have brought it. I just graduated high school and think that I have done well with it for working at a fast food restraunt. I dont have many mods but here is the list Exterior: 10 pc invader 2...
  7. Florida New 3G Eclipse Owners

    New Members Forum
    Anyone in here own a 3G eclipse in Florida??
  8. F/S: GTS upper plenum (w/butterflies)

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Like the title states, I have an upper plenum off a 03-05 GTS. No sensors, TB, hoses, etc. are included. It is in perfect condition with all of the butterflies still attached inside, just needs cleaned (currently painted black). Im asking $200+ shipping (PRICE LOWERED: $90), I will include the...
  9. Intake questions

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Does the diamante mani weild more horsepower then the GTS on a 2000 '72? I know the diamante manifold sacrifices cruise control and requires battery mods. Is the GTS mani a direct bolt up? Diamante mani; does the it matter whether or not it has traction control?
  10. Weird Noise

    Problem Reports
    Ok, I have an 03' Gts. It has 102k on it and has been a great car. The only problem I have ever had with it was a stuck thermostat but I took care of it. The problem I am having is around 2900 to 3500 RPM's I hear a very weird rattling-knocking noise coming from what sounds like the engine or...
  11. WTB:OEM 2003-05 gts lug nuts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Locally or shipped for a reasonable price. the lug nuts from a gt 2000-3 are different. I need the lug nuts from a 17in GTS 03-05 good condition my shipping zip code is 94062
  12. 2003 GTS

    Members Rides
    This is my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS. I joined this club only a few months ago but in those few months i've learned a lot about our 3G's and I'm still learning. I'm 17 and plan to do some basic performance modifications and some visual upgrades:lol:. I love my 3G! And all the torque it has so...
  13. Newbie Needs Help

    Show and Shine
    :wavey: lol Okay please dont make fun of me i already know im a noob... Anyways I have an 04 Eclipse GTS and I just bought one of those big aluminum spoilers... my question is how do you get off the plastic on the hatch to drill holes to mount the spoiler. So You guys don't think im just some...
  14. Stage 2 SDS GTS...too risky?

    Hi everyone, I'm a newly boosted member here and things were going pretty good. I had been using the stage one pulley for my supercharger for about a month now and then it got damaged somehow and makes the supercharger make weird noises in the shaft. My kit came with a stage two pulley as well...
  15. Amount of boost on GTS

    I'm having a local speed shop custom make a kit for me and I was wondering how safe it is to run 8 PSI on a stock GTS motor? I've heard that this is a safe amount of boost, but I was wondering if this is the breaking point or how long it would be safe to use that level. Also, when I decide to...
  16. Stage 2 RIPP SDS for 03 GTS

    I'm looking at the stage 2 s/c from ripp. however I do have some concerns on if my motor will be able to handle this kind of power. right now my car is bone stock. If I do get the stage 2 I obviously plan on getting the headers from ripp as well. I also am gonna upgrade the clutch and the...
  17. boost on a GTS Engine

    gts boost/ icemanrld19 engine rebuild I just wanted to stir up the pot alittle and see what everyone thinks. I want everyones opinions on how much boost the stock 3.0 gts engine can take. Tear i know we have talked about this and you would be the man to ask i just want to hear everyones...
  18. SDS on a GTS

    Ok I hae been reading and researching on both Turbo and The SDS.I need a no BS answer on if RIPP is no longer supporting us and if I really need a engine rebuild to boost on a GTS.I have only 32000 miles on my car.If the main problem is just compression 10.1 can i just drop in a set of better...
  19. Anyone chip a GTS piston?

    Just like it says. I know that many people have chipped pistons on the GT (9:1 CR). However, what about the GTS (10:1 CR)?