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  1. How do you adjust headlights?

    Problem Reports
    I've searched and didn't find anything relevant to my question. How do you adjust the projectors on the dual halo headlights??? I've looked all over the headlights and can not find anything. MUCH HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thanks
  2. CCFL Halo headlights

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I bought some CCFL Halo's off of Ebay through Spyder Auto that once I started setting up the wiring found out the company pretty much fucks you because of wire sizes. So now I have no Halo's just Angel eyes lows/regular high beams. Does anyone know of a good company that does CCFL's that are...
  3. Headlight problem....Please help this is really frustrating

    Problem Reports
    To start off with I search, but I'm not quite sure how to word my problem so i haven't had luck with this. Earlier this year I bought Spec-D tuning dual halo projector headlights for my 2000 GT. They worked perfectly fine, but the lights were not bright and I had a very difficult time driving...
  4. HID Projector Headlights and Smoked LED Tail Lights

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    I'm wanting to change my headlights in my 01 GT Spyder. It currently has an HID kit installed with the stock headlights. I want to stay with the HID but also have projector Halo headlights. I'm also wanting to find some smoked LED Tail lights. Any suggestions as to style, type or websites to...
  5. Silvertune's DUAL CCFL sonars (real sonars, not the new dual halos that look like it)

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    just had to share the build: silvertune bought some spare sonar parts from a couple members a little while back, and tasked me to combine them into a set of working headlights... while i add some sexiness to them. the high beam halo (which aside from Cincity, i don't think anyone else has ever...
  6. 4G Projector/Halo Aftermarket Headlamp Troubleshooting

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    Howdy guys, checked through the forum for possible troubleshooting but couldn't find anything recent. I was in a frontal accident, resulting in allowing me to opt for aftermarket headlamps for my 2008 Eclipse. They installed fine, the leveling however is very off. I know that lighting in these...
  7. Quick Question

    New Members Forum
    I was wondering if there were headlights with a halo and a hid. Like mabye dual halo hid or something like that. Because all I heard of is Depo Hid type things...
  8. Halo Fog Lights

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    Hey guys, so i just ordered a set of halo fog lights made specifically for the 2003-2005 eclipse from blinglights.. They looked really cool and they are a direct fit onto my eclipse! My foglight burned out so this was a perfect opportunity to get these halo's. But anyway, has anyone ever heard...
  9. aftermarket headlights

    Car Audio and Electronics
    hey guys i have been looking around on the internet for some halo lights and there seems to be very little of anything. So i went to ebay and found tons of headlights like these 03-05 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE HALO HEADLIGHTS+SMOKE BUMPER : eBay Motors (item 390149484292 end time Feb-02-10 16:06:07...
  10. first car, 03 GT

    Members Rides
    NEW PICS AT BOTTOM hey... im new here. im 16. i drive a 2003 eclipse gt, its my first car, got it completely stock in february this year. i (with help from my dad) put everything on over the summer. i drive it everyday, try to keep it clean. i can't wait to make it faster; i have the money just...
  11. Halo Idea

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    Firstly, my apologies Sam, you have such strict rules about where to post thrown all over the place, that yes on my very first one I got it wrong. I'm sure you'll find the decency in you to forgive me... I know there are a lot of threads discussing how dim halos on projector headlights are, and...