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  1. Show and Shine
    Ive recently ordered some new aftermarket Spec-D Headlights from a vendor off ebay. I know it is marketed as plug'n'play but Ive heard there has to be some wiring done so the halos stay lit when the car is on without the bumper lights being on as well. Could anyone tell me or link me to a...
  2. Show and Shine
    Okay i have a 00 GT and i recently installed dual halos from specd tuning. Now i bought them from which was probably a mistake but anyhow this is the link forthem ( in case it helps). LHP-ELP00JM-WJ SPEC D DUAL HALO PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS for 00-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse at...
  3. Problem Reports
    Alright well I was connecting my halos to my bumper lights (turn signal lights) by removing the bulb and the socket from the bumper lights and I just stuck the wires in the right spots. I did it with no problem on my right halo and everything was fine. I did the same thing with the other halo...
1-3 of 3 Results