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  1. eclipse upgrades, 180a alt, 3000w audio, 2/0 awg big 3 10ga led wire harness, COPPER

    Car Audio and Electronics
    been working on this non stop for months as i'm in the process of losing my home and soon wont have a place to tinker on my car finished my 3000w kicker system, removed all the CCA and replaced it with 1/0 pure copper welding cable from battery to amps, what a difference...
  2. Wiring Issue/Question?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    New to the forums here, also my first Eclipse (2002 GT), having some issues/questions. My Eclipse came with no stereo installed and I would love to install my aftermarket head unit. Problem is, there is only two or three wires left in the harness, it's all been cut and spliced for some custom...
  3. Help installing aftermarket stereo

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I'm trying to install an aftermarket HU into my 2001 gs eclipse with a stock infinity system. I have a pioneer DEH-150MP and already bought the metra 70-7003 harness. I'm not sure if I wired everything correctly because when I start it up there is no sound.
  4. Stereo Wiring

    Problem Reports
    Okay so I bought a 2001 Eclipse and the guy that owned it before me had NO CLUE what he was doing at all. I have exhausted every forum and research result (YouTube, Google, etc.) trying to find an answer so here is my question: I went to install an aftermarket head as the Four CD changer...
  5. Mitah Adapter + Wiring harness for many Mitsubishi Cars

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey all, i had so much trouble getting my Dvd player going in my car. I did hours of searching how so I'm just starting a thread for the Mitah Adapter and wiring harness. Here's the link to the stuff. Metra 70-7003 Radio Wiring Harness for Mitsubishi Amp Integr: Car Electronics It...
  6. voltage leaks into high beam?

    Problem Reports
    '01 GS Sportronic 125kmi with an unknown, working auto-start system. (It seems to be tapped into the inspection port in the front fuse/relay block with all other wiring being under dash.) Headlights are dim; so, I started digging in and was going to go straight for a socket or harness upgrade...
  7. Fuel Injector Harness **Pic Request**

    Problem Reports
    Had a bit of a problem with the fuel injector harness when moving around the intake. The wires that run to the fuel injectors came out of the connector that mounts to the side of the intake on this 2000 GT. Not sure if it was moved on later years. I am really in need of a picture if some one can...
  8. NO VOLTAGE on my wire harness o2 sensor connector

    New Members Forum
    What up guys I have a 05 eclipse spyder and i have my ses on..I checked the codes and got p10131 and p0134 basically mean i had to change my bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor, so i did with no problem.. but then the ses light still didnt go off..i was still getting the same i thought i...
  9. WTB: Front turn signal pigtails

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    looking to buy front turn signal pigtails or harness what ever you want to call them. Don't know if there is a difference between the 01 and 03 years but i have an 01.
  10. Fog Lights

    Problem Reports
    i have a 2000 eclipse gt. when i got it the front bumper was cracked and i planned on getting a new well about a week ago i hit a dog sized racoon at like 3 in the morning on my way home and it messed up my bumper even more. so finally i ordered a new bumper but instead of getting a 2000 bumper...
  11. Headlight wiring question

    Problem Reports
    Okay so i changed the wiring plugs on my headlights just like it says in the section for dimming headlights.... My question for this is... is it possible to change The factory wires that you connect the new harness to, or is that something that can't be done, sorry i am a newb with cars and my...