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head gasket

  1. Timing belt broke... Need some advice?

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    Hello everyone, new to the forum here. Anyways I would like some help on what to do on my 04' eclipse GS. Here's what happened I was driving at about 60mph and my car cut off and won't turn back on and my shop teacher said what caused it is my timing belt went out? I have little to no clue in...
  2. Not Staying on After Head Gaskets

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    Hey everyone so I recently bought an 03 GTS that needed head gaskets and a couple other things. Long story short I have it all back together now and I go to turn it on it stutters and dies after about a second. Checked the codes and its throwing a bank 2 sensor 1 02 code buts that's because I...
  3. Leaking Oil and Coolant

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    Hey all, I have a 2003 eclipse 3.0L Suddenly the car started leaking coolant and now it's leaking oil. I stopped driving it cuz I didn't have time to deal with the problem. That was about a month ago. Noticed a large pool of what appears to be oil and coolant mix on the ground all around the...
  4. Need Atlanta Area Mechanic - Leeking coolant (guessing had a headgasket problem) HELP

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    Hey guys, I have on '03 GTS (185,000). I bought this car when I was 19, I'm now almost 22. I love this car and it was the first car that was "mine". I've taken the best care of it I can with regular maintenance, timing belt change, distributor replacement, IAC and MAF replacement, water pump...
  5. Big problem need help.

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    Okay so I was in a parking lot I had my E brake up I wanted to peal out in place. I know I know not a good idea, when I put it in first gear and dropped the clutch it didn't sound good, I'm not sure if I slipped gears or something because when I dropped the clutch it was a cracking smashing...
  6. V6 overheating causes head gasket leaks *(with pictures)*

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    Hi, I have 160k miles on my 2000 GT. I've had it since Jan 04, 2002 when I turned 17. I joined Club3G soon after that and have been lurking, learning ever since. I've even been to a couple of meets in the Chicago area way back when. It's always been my daily driver car. Ever since there's been...
  7. Overheating Problem

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    Hi, I have a 2003 eclipse gt spyder 3g with 88000 miles. I have an overheating problem , first the water from the radiator was brownish, I performed a radiator flush and replaced with 50/50 mix. The fist problem that I had was when I turned off the car, the reservoir tank was boiling. Then the...
  8. Blown Head Gasket 2.4 tips for others and need advice for myself

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    2002 Eclipse RS 123,xxx miles Stock except for Air Intake Well, about a week ago the car overheated, i was only 2 blocks from my house so I decided to get it home and take a look... :noway: :facepalm: BAD IDEA!! I noticed about 2 blocks away like I said, it was at about 3/4, by the time i got...
  9. help with 96 GS

    1G/2G Eclipse General Discussion
    I've got a 96 gs. The car was hit on the right side it does not start due to the flooded head gasket and may need a new radiator. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a good mechanic in my area (NYC any of the 5 boroughs)? that wont kill my pockets because I'm a college student that works only...
  10. Good Mechanic In NYC Area 5 Boroughs

    *I removed it*
  11. Head Gasket Blown...

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    I have a 2001 eclipse gt with 110,xxx miles on it. I got it at 72,000. Since then, ive had a tune-up at around 105,000. Yesterday, I went to grab some food and the car started spewing white smoke n stuttering real bad. I put my finger in the exhaust and it looked like oil and water. I have been...
  12. Head gasket

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    I searched and couldn't really find what I was looking for. My car used to overheat but I replaced the thermostat and fixed the overheating problem. I made a short video of my exhaust with some white smoke coming out, is this the head gasket going? YouTube - Head gasket going?
  13. Let's talk about headgaskets.

    I've used a lot of different types of headgaskets on the 6G72. The following is my impressions of the various gaskets. If I ever get around to it, I'll take some pictures as well. There are three easily accessible options when it comes to choosing a headgasket for your rebuild. There is the...
  14. pistons

    I will soon be installing 8.8:1 cp pistons on my gt eclipse (thanks to tearstone :fever: ) I was wondering what else would i have to replace (head gasket.......ect.)I just what to have everything together and in order before I get the pistons installed. But I was told you cant really tell until...
  15. And now the headgasket!

    i got my car back a couple of days ago with a surprise from the guy tuning my car... 19.5 PSI on a stage 2 setup! i was stoked, but the guy (Sam) told me that i cannot run 19.5 PSI on a daily driven setup, and with no way to control boost, the thing is gunna blow! that surprised me but i...