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head lights
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    Spec-D black smoke Halo LED dual headlights for sale. i got them for Christmas and they weren't really my style. Put them on once then took them off, im wanting to either get at least 100 obo or trade for another aftermarket part for my Lilith (My 2003 GS eclipse 2.4L project car) i will ship
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    i searched and couldnt find the answers to this question. After driving the car for about 10 mins my headlights start going dim for about 15 seconds then will get bright again the panel does the same then after about 30 mins of driving the abs will turn on then turn off a few times and last week...
  4. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Exterior Light Set (SOLD) SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Heya, Have not had one of these cars in years, but I found my old light set in a shed from a long time ago when I swapped them out with aftermarket ones. They need to be cleaned but that is it. Cover cost of shipping and gas and they are yours...
  5. New Members Forum
    Hey guys! Thanks for making a new guy section where we can ask any questions and not get treated differently due to our experience level. Well here I go. I have recently installed LED tail lights to my 01 Eclipse Spyder Gt. Everything worked just fine. (I believe) Just yesterday, I installed...
  6. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    hey guys I was a long-time lurker of this forum. I used it all the time to help me figure something out with my eclipse, but I have since sold the car and now have a some leftovers I need to sell haha here's an old pic of it :) but anyways, down to business, lol I have for sale: black...
  7. Show and Shine
    I'm wanting to change my headlights in my 01 GT Spyder. It currently has an HID kit installed with the stock headlights. I want to stay with the HID but also have projector Halo headlights. I'm also wanting to find some smoked LED Tail lights. Any suggestions as to style, type or websites to...
  8. Show and Shine
    just bought an 01 gt its black and i have decided that i would like to smoke the tail lights, signals and that random brake light on the hatch i was just curious if any 1 had any advice.. i have never worked on cars and im not much with spray paint but the quality seems like it might be better...
1-8 of 8 Results